We want to help those individuals that are struggling to get into Aviation, and those that are already in the industry, we want to assist them to progress further with their careers.


The DIG Initiative: Develop Inspire Grow Tomorrows Aviation Leaders

By collaborating with the industry players, we have commitments for bursaries, scholarships, courses and more.

The generosity of the Aviation players is incredible and over the next few months we will announce what we have to offer. We will also initiate a process that will facilitate the awarding of these initiatives to deserving beneficiaries



As You Plan Your Life: Be Inspired, Be Educated, Be Informed, While At The Same Time Making A Difference To Others

It is a stylish yet practical aviation-designed diary doubling up as a notebook or Journal with a year planner and valuable information.

In this Aviation Diary you will find:

  • Aviation significant days
  • Special, weird and bizarre days like CAPS LOCK DAY
  • Aviation event dates (EBACE, AERO-SA, Paris & Dubai air show and more)
  • On this day – highlighting women in aviation, aviation history and aviation accidents.
  • Major sporting events (aviators like to keep fit)
  • Be Inspired with motivational quotes
  • Be educated with air law quotes from Industry, SACAA and ICAO
  • Be informed with what’s happening around you
  • Aviation related tables, codes, formula
  • Aviation contact details (ATC, SACAA, Mayday-SA, ARCC etc)
  • Drone’s – what is legal and what is not
  • Emergency initial actions and a Risk Management Model
  • Radio failure procedures
  • Types of in-flight fires and how to identify them
  • FDP and FTL extracts
  • Trip log for your flying hours
  • Safety info (wake separation and acronyms for emergencies)
  • Helpful weather info
  • Manage your expiry dates (Licence, Medical, DG, AVSEC etc)
  • Year Planner 2023 and 2024
  • Monthly planner
  • Public holidays for South African and neighbouring countries
  • School holidays for both Government and Independent Schools
  • Environmental dates
  • Reminders before important days like Boss’s Day and Secretaries Day
  • More…
Adorable boy in aviation hat running at aerodrome


Do you need assistance?

Soon we will open up an application process for you to apply for assistance. Regardless which field of aviation you are in, we will try and find a way to help you. We believe passion is a crucial ingredient to be successful in aviation and you will have to have a track record that demonstrates your passion for Aviation.


How To Support Us?

We are a South African based charity and are hopeful that you would choose to support us. If you as an individual or an organisation can assist deserving applicants with any of your services, products, employment opportunities or funding, please make contact with us. If you could host an event, assist us with fundraising or promote our services we would be forever indebted to you.

We will engage with you on how to publicise your generosity and channel it into the right hands. There are many deserving charities out there and we would be grateful for your support


Our Sponsors

Thank you to all who has so generously supported us.

"We make a living by what we get, But we make a life by what we give " - Winston Churchill

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