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As You Plan Your Life: Be Inspired, Be Educated, Be Informed, While At The Same Time Making A Difference To Others

It is a stylish yet practical aviation-designed diary doubling up as a notebook or Journal with a daily planner with valuable information.

  • Aviation formulae, conversion tables, rules of thumb, essential and nice to have information.
  • Pre-populated event dates and reminders
  • Aviation significant days like Civil Aviation Day and Day of the ATC
  • Special, weird and bizarre days like CAPS LOCK DAY
  • Aviation event dates (EBACE, AERO-SA, Paris & Dubai air show and more)
  • On this day – highlighting women in aviation, aviation history and aviation accidents.
  • Major sporting events (aviators like to keep fit)
  • Be Inspired with motivational quotes
  • Be educated with air law quotes from Industry, SACAA and ICAO
  • Be informed with what’s happening around you
  • Aviation related tables, codes, formula
  • Aviation contact details (ATC, SACAA, Mayday-SA, ARCC etc)
  • Drone’s – what is legal and what is not
  • Emergency initial actions and a Risk Management Model
  • Radio failure procedures
  • Types of in-flight fires and how to identify them
  • FDP and FTL extracts
  • Trip log for your flying hours
  • Safety info (wake separation and acronyms for emergencies
  • Helpful weather info
  • Manage your expiry dates (Licence, Medical, DG, AVSEC etc)
  • Year Planner 2023 and 2024
  • Monthly planner
  • Public holidays for South African and neighbouring countries
  • School holidays for both Government and Independent Schools
  • Environmental dates
  • Reminders before important days like Boss’s Day and Secretaries Day
  • More…
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